Empowering Individuals

In their quest to maximize profit, companies often trample the legal rights of their customers or even their own employees. Class actions allow individuals to level the playing field by banding together with others who were similarly violated to make enforcing their rights economically feasible.

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Protecting Consumers

Corporations know that by misleading consumers about the quality or effectiveness of their products they can increase sales and profits by millions, with little risk that they will be held accountable. We are committed to protecting the rights of defrauded consumers and stopping these illegal business practices.

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Enforcing Employee Rights

By law, employees are entitled to full compensation for the time they spend working. Nevertheless, corporations across the country illegally shortchange their hardworking employees by hundreds of millions of dollars each year—often without their employees realizing. We are dedicated to ensuring that employees are fully compensated for their hard work.

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The Law Office of Paul K. Joseph is dedicated to protecting victims of consumer fraud and unfair employment practices. We strive to obtain the best possible results for our clients by specializing in select practice areas where we can leverage our expertise. We further dedicate the time and resources necessary to successfully represent each of our clients. Learn how we can help you today by calling (619) 767-0356 to speak directly to an experienced attorney today or by filling out our simple case evaluation form.

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Manufacturers often promise impressive results or benefits to convince consumers to purchase their products even though their products cannot deliver. False advertising occurs in every industry and is particularly prevalent among nutritional and workout supplements, homeopathic products, cosmetics, and “health” foods.


Employers often fail to pay their employees the full compensation they are entitled to by law. These violations take a variety of forms and many employees aren’t aware that their rights are being violated. Nevertheless, these acts rob hard-working employees of the wages they are entitled to by law.

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Green coffee bean weight-loss supplement manufacturers pay millions to settle FTC charges

Weight-loss supplement manufacturers have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceptively touted the supposed benefits of their products.

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03:50 PM
January 26, 2015
L’Oréal Settles FTC False Advertising Charges

Cosmetics company L’Oréal USA, Inc. has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges of deceptive advertising about its Lancôme Génifique and L’Oréal Paris products.

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08:17 PM
June 30, 2014

Consumer protection laws are designed to ensure a marketplace that is free of fraud and deception. Nevertheless, corporations defraud millions of Americans each year through unfair, deceptive and fraudulent business practices that are designed to increase profits and sales. Thus, ongoing enforcement of consumer protection laws through litigation remains critical to protecting the rights of consumers and preserving a fair marketplace. The Law Office of Paul K. Joseph, PC is dedicated to enforcing these rights. We investigate fraudulent, anti-competitive, and otherwise unlawful business conduct in some of the most common areas of corporate abuse, as described below.